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H's 高學勤 "Test" < Artikel

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By H. ‘高學勤’ < “Test” „Autor“ #"2' (\~/) | September 15, 2020

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Mantra, with its superb ambience, impressive array of drinks and extensive menu that uniquely blends gourmet French specialties with Indian classics, is a restaurant that is sure to please.

Draft of Jamie's Multi-Photo Design

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Markdown Syntax Guide

This is an overview of Markdown's syntax.   For more information, visit the Markdown web site.

Italics and Bold

This is italicized, and so is this.

This is bold, and so is this.

You can use italics and bold together if you have to.


Simple links

There are three ways to write links.   Each is easier to read than the last:

Here's an inline link to Google. Here's a reference-style link to Google. Here's a very readable link to Yahoo!.

The link definitions can appear anywhere in the document -- before or after the place where you use them.   The link definition names (1 and Yahoo!) can be any unique string, and are case-insensitive; [Yahoo!] is the same as [YAHOO!].

Advanced links: Title attributes

You can also add a title attribute to a link, which will show up when the user holds the mouse pointer it.   Title attributes are helpful if your link text is not descriptive enough to tell users where they're going.   (In reference links, you can use optionally parentheses for the link title instead of quotation marks.)

Here's a poorly-named link. Never write "click here". Check out ONE.

Advanced links: Bare URLs

You can write bare URLs by enclosing them in angle brackets:

My web site is at http://www.onenewengland.com/.

If you use this format for e-mail addresses, Markdown may encode the address to make it harder for spammers to harvest.   Try it and look in the HTML Output pane to see the results:

Humans can read this, but most spam harvesting robots can't: me@privacy.net


There are two ways to do headers in Markdown.   (In these examples, Header 1 is the biggest, and Header 6 is the smallest.)

You can underline text to make the two top-level headers:

Header 1

Header 2

The number of = or - signs doesn't matter; you can get away with just one.   But using enough to underline the text makes your titles look better in plain text.

You can also use hash marks for all six levels of HTML headers:

Header 1

Header 2

Header 3

Header 4

Header 5
Header 6

The closing # characters are optional.

Horizontal Rules

You can insert a horizontal rule by putting three or more hyphens, asterisks, or underscores on a line by themselves:

You can also use spaces between the characters:

All of these examples produce the same output.


Simple lists

A bulleted list:

  • You can use a minus sign for a bullet
  • Or plus sign
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A numbered list:

  1. Numbered lists are easy
  2. Markdown keeps track of the numbers for you
  3. So this will be item 3.

A double-spaced list:

  • This list gets wrapped in <p> tags

  • So there will be extra space between items

Advanced lists: Nesting

You can put other Markdown blocks in a list; just indent four spaces for each nesting level.   So:

  1. Lists in a list item:

    • Indented four spaces.
      • indented eight spaces.
    • Four spaces again.
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    It's best to indent the paragraphs four spaces You can get away with three, but it can get confusing when you nest other things. Stick to four.

    We indented the first line an extra space to align it with these paragraphs.   In real use, we might do that to the entire list so that all items line up.

    This paragraph is still part of the list item, but it looks messy to humans.   So it's a good idea to wrap your nested paragraphs manually, as we did with the first two.

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    Skip a line and indent the >'s four spaces.

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      That's four spaces for the list
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Simple blockquotes

Blockquotes are indented:

The syntax is based on the way email programs usually do quotations. You don't need to hard-wrap the paragraphs in your blockquotes, but it looks much nicer if you do.   Depends how lazy you feel.

Advanced blockquotes: Nesting

You can put other Markdown blocks in a blockquote; just add a > followed by a space:

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The > on the blank lines is optional. Include it or don't; Markdown doesn't care.

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Images are exactly like links, but they have an exclamation point in front of them:

Valid XHTML.

The word in square brackets is the alt text, which gets displayed if the browser can't show the image.   Be sure to include meaningful alt text for blind users' screen-reader software.

Just like links, images work with reference syntax and titles:

This page is valid XHTML.


Markdown does not currently support the shortest reference syntax for images:

Here's a broken !checkmark.

But you can use a slightly more verbose version of implicit reference names:

This checkmark works.

The reference name (valid icon) is also used as the alt text.

Inline HTML

If you need to do something that Markdown can't handle, you can always just use HTML:

Strikethrough humor is funny.

Markdown is smart enough not to mangle your span-level HTML:

Markdown works fine in here.

Block-level HTML elements have a few restrictions:

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You can not use Markdown in here.

Preformatted Text

You can include pre-formatted text in a Markdown document.

To make a code block, indent four spaces:

 printf("goodbye world!");  /* his suicide note
                               was in C */

The text will be wrapped in <pre> and <code> tags, and the browser will display it in a monospaced typeface.   The first four spaces will be stripped off, but all other whitespace will be preserved.

You cannot use Markdown or HTML within a code block, which makes them a convenient way to show samples of Markdown or HTML syntax:

    You would hate this if it weren't
    wrapped in a code block.

Code Spans

You can make inline <code> tags by using code spans.   Use backticks to make a code span:

Press the <Tab> key, then type a $.

(The backtick key is in the upper left corner of most keyboards.)

Like code blocks, code spans will be displayed in a monospaced typeface.   Markdown and HTML will not work within them:

Markdown italicizes things like this: I *love* it.

Don't use the <font> tag; use CSS instead.

Previous Content

The staff are friendly and knowledgeable without being overbearing. The building that Mantra inhabits was formerly a bank, and the art deco style of that time shines through with impressive Italian marble on the bar, walls and columns.   What could easily be a cold interior is warmed by pitch-perfect lighting, and delicate touches such as saffron-colored silk drapery to form a unique and welcoming environment. The original heavy iron vault door is the entrance to the Om lounge downstairs.

Executive Chef Jerry Pabla oversees a talented team; the presentation of the food is both beautiful and flawless and the finest ingredients are combined to produce dishes of the highest quality.

The Goat Cheese and Potato Tikki ($22) delicately blends flavors: the goat cheese potato is carefully wrapped in caramelized eggplant slices, precariously placed on sautéed spinach surrounded by a tomato coulis and fenugreek sprinkles.

The Cumin Dusted Long Island Duck Breast ($28) is perfectly crispy and tender on the inside, accompanied by sautéed white sweet potato, baby bok choy, spiced cranberry, and calvados juice.

All the desserts are exquisite; the Chocolate Mousse ($7) with a hint of cardamom spice, is delightful.

These are but a small sample from the extensive menu that has received rave reviews from press and customers alike.   Mantra can accommodate special events and private functions from 10 to 400 people and will customize the experience to meet individual needs.   The restaurant also offers gift certificates in any denomination that are shipped promptly.

Mantra is a jewel in Boston’s vibrant culinary community.

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