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Springfield, Massachusetts (1905)
How Much Do You Know About New England?

Pop Quiz

By Steve Lyons | June 15, 2012

Think you’re smart? Let’s find out how much you know about traveling in New England with ONE’s first-ever pop quiz. The Category: Travel & Lodging. Put on your thinking cap and let’s go…


1. If you traveled to this New England located university you would be visiting an institution that was founded almost 150 years before American declared independence. What is the university’s name and what city are you standing in?

Answer: Harvard University, founded in 1636, located in Cambridge, MA.

2. True or false: Both basketball and volleyball were invented in New England?

Answer: True.

Both basketball and volleyball were invented in New England – basket ball in 1891, and volleyball in 1895. To visit the hometowns of each you would visit Springfield, MA and Holyoke, MA respectively.

The Boston T

3. If you traveled around Boston on the T, the public name for the subway system, would you be traveling in the country’s first or second oldest subway system?

Answer: When you take the T in Boston, you are traveling in the first subway system in America.

4. How many islands are off Maine’s beautiful coastline – 1,000, 2,000, 5,000 or more than 5,000?

Answer: There are more than 2,000 islands off the coast of Maine.

5. Which town would you travel to in Vermont to speak with officials about why it has voted twice to secede from the state and join New Hampshire?

Killington, Vermont Welcome Sign

Answer: Killington, Vermont, a well known ski resort.   These were symbolic acts since secession would require the agreement of both states' legislatures and the U.S. Congress.

6. Where would you travel to if you wanted to stand in the three New England states that are ranked in the top 10 of America’s wealthiest states based on household income?

Answer: You would need to travel to Connecticut (ranked number 3 in the nation with $63,422 per household); Massachusetts (ranked number 5 in the U.S. with $59,963), and New Hampshire (ranked number 6 with $59, 683).

7. So, you like boating, swimming and fishing, but you prefer fresh water over the sea. Where would you travel to in order to have fun in the five largest lakes in New England?

Answer: Lake Champlain, VT (440 square miles); Moosehead Lake, ME (116 square miles); Lake Winnipesaukee, NH (71 square miles); Lake Sebago, ME (47 square miles); and Lake Memphremagog, VT (40 square miles).

8. If you wanted to visit the state with the most coast line you would need to travel to Maine or California?

Answer: Maine, which has nearly 3,800 miles of coastline.

Barre, Vermont

9. Which New England state has the largest granite quarry in the world: Vermont or Maine?

Answer: Vermont.   Barre, VT has over 40 acres carved out Millstone Hill.

10. If you were visiting Patriot Place, in what city would you be located?

Answer: Foxboro, MA, home of the Gillette Stadium where the New England Patriots and the New England Revolution of Major League Soccer play.

Gillette Stadium’s grand opening was on September 9, 2002 when the Patriots beat the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Patriot Place is adjacent to the stadium, and features more than 1.3 million square feet of shopping, dining, and entertainment. It houses major fashion retailers, live and interactive entertainment, eateries, a four-star hotel, state of the art theatre and much, much more.

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