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Antique Bowers
Antique Bowers      PHOTOGRAPHER & COPYRIGHT: Emery Roth II

New England - no region in the world conjures up such diverse imagery.   It combines exceptional historical and contemporary architecture, sophisticated urban centers with quaint, rural, towns and scenic seashores and a hard working, innovative population with a truly independent Yankee spirit.   New England is a place of contrasts yet everything seems reassuringly familiar.   Some of the most interesting topography in the world is to be found here - from Vermont’s lush Green Mountains to the rolling hills of the Berkshires in Massachusetts and Connecticut, from the beautiful beaches of Cape Cod to the rugged coasts of Maine.

There is no other place in the United States like New England or its people.

Why ONE New England?

ONE New England (ONE) is the first online magazine created to extol the New England culture, experience and thought.   Each of the six New England states adds its own particular contribution to the whole - despite the differences that exist between them politically, culturally and geographically.

ONE is for, about and by New Englanders.   It’s about the things we do, or might want to do.   The things we’ve seen, or places we might want to visit.   It’s about sharing the New England experience to those of us who live here and with those who want to drop in for a visit, online or in life.

With numerous contributors throughout New England, ONE showcases the very best arts and culture, food and wine, history, science and nature, travel and tourism, and people and places from a local ‘insider view’ perspective.

It is our local coverage that places us apart as we bring you New England’s hidden gems.   If you know of an event, person, place, business or other New England experience that you think ONE should cover, please do Contact Us.   After all who knows the local experience better than our very readers?


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