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Firefighting, A Maine Legacy

Julie True Kingsley explores her family’s history and service with Firefighting Departments in Maine.

By Julie True Kingsley | July 30, 2015
Monster Wall

Over The Border in the Shawangunks

I am terrified of heights. Let me reveal that little secret now. After reading this, you will believe one of two things: 1) I’m a liar or 2) I’m a masochist. Admittedly, I’m a writer, so...

By John Bateman | December 12, 2014
Fishing New England

I read someplace that the definition of a fisherman is “a jerk at one end of a line waiting for a jerk at the other.”

By Michael F. Bisceglia, Jr. | October 21, 2014
The Other Maine

Saint Agatha, Life from the Water

When the seasons change in Northern Maine, you notice it.

By Alex Seise | November 12, 2012
Ripton, Vermont

The Town Robert Frost Called Home

Ripton is a small mountain town with 587 residents overlooking Middlebury, Vermont. One of its most famous residents is the late Robert Frost, whose presence is still keenly felt today.

By Allison Flint | October 22, 2012
From Little League to “The Office”

The New England Connection to the Hit TV Show

Even in New England where small towns and close knit communities are often part of our youth, the fast moving and mobile culture in which we live has made keeping up with your high school classmates...

By Peter F. Demers | September 27, 2012
The Snowy Owl

The Snowy Owl migrates to New England during the winter months.

By Mark B. Oliver | September 21, 2012
BerryLine: A Refreshing New England Twist on Frozen Yogurt

Cambridge, Massachusetts

With so much buzz around Facebook lately, you’d be forgiven for thinking that founder Mark Zuckerberg is the only successful entrepreneur ever to come out of Harvard. Certainly he’s the most...

By Andrew Ladd | September 18, 2012
New England’s Arboretums

Preserving our Natural Heritage

Arboretums are not just places that contains trees, shrubs and vines for the purpose of study and preservation, but they offer magnificent viewing and learning opportunities for the very young to...

By Peter F. Demers | September 10, 2012


September 04, 2012
BY Alexandra Grabbe
H's 高學勤 "Test" < Serie

Hier kommt der Untertitel rein, ja, 127 Zeichen koennen ganz schoen viel sein, denke ich, oder doch, wie denn sonst so was geht

In our first monthly column on the Naval Submarine Base New London, or SUBASE, ONE looks at the history and development of the world’s first submarine base. In our first monthly column on the Naval Su

By H. ‘高學勤’ < “Test” „Autor“ #"2' (\~/) | September 15, 2020
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