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TITLE: Harlequin Autumn      PHOTOGRAPHER & COPYRIGHT: Emery Roth II


Glass Blowing

Peter Greenwood Creates a Paperweight

One of the items that attendees of Peter's workshops can make is a paperweight and here Peter guides us through the process.

By Mark B. Oliver | November 03, 2016
Da Capo: Perfect For Summertime Al Fresco Dining

Restaurant Review - Litchfield, Connecticut

For authentic Italian dining, treat yourself and your family at the delightful da Capo.

By Mark B. Oliver | August 03, 2015
Firefighting, A Maine Legacy

Julie True Kingsley explores her family’s history and service with Firefighting Departments in Maine.

By Julie True Kingsley | July 30, 2015

Canoeing on The Connecticut River, Hanover, New Hampshire

Allison Biederman and her family enjoy a lazy Sunday after canoeing down the Connecticut River.

By Allison Flint | July 31, 2015

ONE is your place for discovering the real New England from an ‘insider perspective’. With rich cultural diversity, stunning countryside and attractive architecture, New England combines breathtaking views with the most welcoming of people, making it a delightful place to live and visit.

With correspondents and photographers in each of the six states, ONE showcases the very best arts and culture, food and wine, history, science and nature, travel and tourism, and the people and places that make New England such a unique and interesting region of the United States of America.

The Constitution State celebrated its 375th anniversary in 2010. With unique geography and close proximity to New York City, Connecticut’s a state of startling contrasts from wealthy suburban enclaves, to rural towns situated in rustic hills; and where long picturesque seacoasts dot the manufacturing and insurance centers along the banks of the Connecticut River.

The Pine Tree State constitutes the northernmost part of New England, and is also the easternmost state in the United States. With its rocky coastline, rolling mountains and heavily forested interior, the state is well known for its scenic beauty, and the hardiness and independence of its people. Maine is the number one exporter of blueberries, and is also known for shipbuilding and agriculture.

As birthplace of the American Revolution, and home to one of the largest concentrations of colleges and universities in the United States; the Bay State prides itself on its cultural heritage, and the strong manufacturing base built by its innovative people. The state offers scenic beauty in its coastal towns – especially Cape Cod, whereas the rolling hills of the Berkshires offer the diversity that makes Massachusetts a leading tourist destination.

The Granite State holds the first primary in each U.S. Presidential Election, and is home to Mount Washington – the highest peak in New England at 6,288ft above sea-level! The White Mountain National Forest links the Vermont and Maine portions of the Appalachian Trail, which is just one of New Hampshire’s national treasures. Also, the state’s motto ‘Live Free or Die’ is testimony to the self sufficiency of its people.

The Ocean State is the smallest state in the United States, with large bays and inlets accounting for over 30% of its total area. In contrast to New Hampshire, Rhode Island is low-lying with its highest peak at Jerimoth Hill – at just 812ft above sea-level! Founded by Roger Williams, Rhode Island was the first state to declare independence from Great Britain. The state is known not only for its beautiful coastline, but as the birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution, and home to the best art schools in the country.

The Green Mountain State’s nickname is derived from its stunning mountains, which are central to the state’s tourism, industry and maple syrup production. Vermont’s rugged terrain has developed a way of life that typifies the independent Yankee spirit, with ingenuity that many people ascribe to New Englanders. Vermont was one of only seventeen states that once held independent sovereignties before joining the United States as the 14th state.

H's 高學勤 "Test" < Serie

Hier kommt der Untertitel rein, ja, 127 Zeichen koennen ganz schoen viel sein, denke ich, oder doch, wie denn sonst so was geht

In our first monthly column on the Naval Submarine Base New London, or SUBASE, ONE looks at the history and development of the world’s first submarine base. In our first monthly column on the Naval Su

By H. ‘高學勤’ < “Test” „Autor“ #"2' (\~/) | September 15, 2020
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