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Lincoln Peak Vineyard and Winery
The Vermont Grape

Lincoln Peak Vineyard and Winery

By Allison Flint | January 03, 2011

High quality and great tasting northern wines are steadily pouring in local Vermont markets.

Lincoln Peak's Vineyards

When you think of Vermont products, maple syrup is probably on the top of your list.   And then you’ll think of cows, so maybe some Cabot cheese.   And wine.   Wine? In the mountains of Vermont? Wine tours and tastings are a fairly recent phenomenon in Vermont, but Lincoln Peak Vineyard is a winery not to be missed.

New Haven is a small Vermont village town, nestled between the southern end of Lake Champlain and the Green Mountains.   There are dairy farms, fields of corn and quaint village life and a thriving vineyard off Route 7.   Lincoln Peak Vineyard grows grapes and produces fine quality wines in what is decidedly not a Mediterranean climate.   While the plants are dormant now for the winter, their fruits are ready to enjoy year round.

In the last few years, Vermont’s local wine producers are becoming competitive with long-standing wine regions.   This is in part due to a recent state law that allows for tastings and onsite sale of wine from local vineyards, as well as sale at farmers markets.   Governor Jim Douglas signed the bill into law at Shelburne Vineyards, another local winery.

A Bottle of Lincoln Peak Wine

In addition to Lincoln Peak, the wine industry in Vermont is expanding rapidly, even in this tight economy.   The Vermont Wine website provides information on participating vineyards’ tours and tastings, and celebrates what has now become a local delicacy.

“The one thing I regularly tell people is that you don’t have to say ‘it’s a good wine, for New Haven, Vermont,’ you can just say ‘it’s good wine!’ and serve it up,” says Lawrence Miller, founder and former brewmaster of Otter Creek Brewery in Middlebury and wine hobbyist.   “Many commercial wines have ‘marketable characteristics’ but can lack complexity and soul but these local wines are interesting and different. Every wine they make is not for everyone, but nearly everyone who likes wine can find a Lincoln Peak they like.”

At Lincoln Peak, due to its northern climate, you will not find the familiar cabernet or chardonnay grapes, but less well-known grape names that deliver depth and an abundance of flavors, such as Prairie Star, Louise Swenson, Marquette and La Crescent.

Lincoln Peak grows all of their grapes on site, developing the northern grapes and combinations, creating the best wine for the localvore.   Some Vermont vineyards combine their own grapes with others brought in from New York and elsewhere.

On your next visit to Vermont, for pleasure or business, take a moment to stop and smell the grapes.   If you live here already, you are probably already aware of the homegrown grape offerings.

Imagine a sunny day next summer, touring the grounds of a small vineyard, tasting their accomplishments and taking a few bottles home; it’s here and business is booming!


Lincoln Peak Vineyard

142 River Road, New Haven, VT 05472

(802) 388-7368

Lincoln Peak Vineyard Website

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