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Crash Kings Opening for Jet     BY: Kira Doucette
Rockin’ at the Paradise Club

By Emily Neeves | July 18, 2012

One of the best music venues in Boston is tucked between MATCH Charter Public High School and the Boston Playwrights’ Theatre on Commonwealth Avenue—a few blocks west of Boston University.

The Paradise Club

On any given night of the week, bursts of electric guitar stream from the unassuming doors.   It’s called the Paradise Rock Club, and if you’re a fan of live music, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Picture a large, open room with a bar in the back corner and a stage on one side. Fill it wall-to-wall with swaying, jiving, jamming fans; dim the lights to a warm glow; and place a high-energy rock band on the stage.   A chord is struck. There’s clapping, chanting, even some screaming.   The room ignites.

This is the experience of a concert the Paradise Rock Club, or “the Dise” as it’s locally known. With a capacity for 904, it’s big enough for popular bands but still intimate. You’re never too far from the stage or, for that matter, the guy beside you bobbing and jumping like he’s lost all sense.

The Dise’s efficient use of space caters to every type of concert-goer. There’s plenty of room on the main floor to swarm the stage, and if you arrive early enough, you’ll likely be able to stand close enough to touch the singer’s hand. Or you can chill out in the back, several yards from the action.

Chad Perrone

The upstairs balcony affords a great view of the stage (plus a less-crowded bathroom) and is often less teeming with extreme fans. Here, you might lean over the railing with a beer or a cocktail in hand and enjoy the show without grinding against the mayhem downstairs. Best of all, wherever you stand, the bartender’s not far away.

As for the music, Lee Zazofsky, the club’s manager of four years, describes the club’s mission as “to highlight and develop talent.” How does he do it? “We are able to expose them to a smaller audience,” he explains. “They can hone their skills in a more relaxed setting.”

He also helps them develop their sound and lighting needs and make new fans. It’s an education that follows them as they go to different venues. Zazofsky pointed out that bands often give repeat performances because they not only enjoy coming to Boston, but “like the way we treat them.”

The energy of a typical concert is high and the club’s great acoustics makes the sound very crisp. “Besides,” Zazofsky said, “We’ve got a great tradition of over thirties years of presenting top talent.” With a resume that includes U2, the Police, Tom Petty, and Rage Against the Machine, the Paradise puts its money where its mouth is.

The Paradise Rock Club also features a wide range of musical tastes, offering everything from alternative bands like Yellowcard, folk rock groups like Trampled by Turtles, punk bands like X, and even reggae singers like Ziggy Marley.

Bass Nectar

Coming up November 20, 2011, is the alternative rock band Dashboard Confessional.   You might remember their hit single “Vindicated,” which rocked the pop charts in 2004 and was featured on the Spider-Man 2 soundtrack.


Paradise Rock Club

967 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215

(617) 562-8800


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