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Baited Hook, Lebanon, New Hampshire


By Allison Flint | September 30, 2010

The Baited Hook Approached by Boat

The Baited Hook is a delightful restaurant in a scenic location - especially when approached by boat.

The Baited Hook

On the peaceful northwest shore of Mascoma Lake in Lebanon, New Hampshire, lies a treasure of a restaurant.   Others have reviewed the Baited Hook online as a burger joint, a fried food haven, an ice cream stand, but none have touched on its unique status - it's the finest restaurant to be reached by boat on Mascoma Lake.

Approaching the Baited Hook from the lake, one is welcomed at the dock, usually populated with ducks or fishermen.   Pull into the sandy beach or tie up to the dock and climb the gentle slope to find a meal fit for a king.

Inside, one finds fried fish, fried clams, fried scallops, fish and chips, french fries, onion rings, and of course, the burgers.   For a time, the Baited Hook attempted a pseudo-gourmet menu, but have since relaxed and given the customers what they want - a great burger and fish joint with a never ending rotation in its fry-o-later.

The View from the Hook

The food is tasty and well-prepared, but be aware you are paying a little for the view! Prices are a bit higher than average with a burger or fried rolls at $7.50, and seafood dinners are in the $15 - $19 range.   There are sandwiches and hotdogs under $6, and the fries are $3.50.

On a hot evening, the inside seating is breezy and comfortable.   Sun lovers can enjoy the back outdoor deck which overlooks the lake.   The deck is especially nice for diners who bring their dogs in the boat, as the dogs may stay in sight or even join their owners on the deck.   There is usually a short line to order your food, but the kitchen is fast.   You can expect to be served within a half hour of placing your order, even when it's busy.

You can even finish your meal with an ice cream cone or sundae, both hard and soft serve.   But I don’t recommend takeout ice cream on a hot day, unless you were already planning to wash the boat.   Enjoy the sweet creaminess and relax on the beach or dock instead.

Of the other restaurants in the area, none may be approached by boat so cannot compare to the Hook.

TELEPHONE(603) 448 1133

The Baited Hook
Route 4A
Lebanon, NH 03766


The Baited Hook is open mainly in the summer. It is open on some spring and fall weekends, usually for just ice cream. Call for exact hours.

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