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John Bateman

A recovering attorney, John writes wherever he finds himself.

John is the first person in his family to successfully leave the fly-over states in more than 200 years. He currently lives in New York City, chasing words and dodging taxis. John occasionally climbs a cliff or two, and has a secret addiction to glitter. He is currently glitter-free since last Tuesday.

John graduated from the University of Mississippi with a degree in English and Economics, and Washington and Lee University with his (now dusty) law degree. This past summer, John was selected to attend Session II of the 2014 Yale Writers’ Conference.

John is also a keen amateur photographer.


Japanese Maple, Roxbury, CT
Aiming for the Sky
Siberian Note No. 5, Roxbury, CT
Siberian Note No. 4, Roxbury, CT
Siberian Note No. 3, Roxbury, CT
Siberian Note No. 2, Roxbury, CT
Siberian Note No. 1, Roxbury, CT
Geese a Swimming
The Guardians
Beauty in Nature
Vibrant Grass
Morning Walk
The Beauty of the Beach, Mystic, Connecticut
At Liberty
Forsythia in Bloom
Fallen Fountain
Spring Sunlight
Majestic Lady

December 12, 2014

Monster Wall

Over The Border in the Shawangunks

I am terrified of heights. Let me reveal that little secret now. After reading this, you will believe one of two things: 1) I’m a liar or 2) I’m a masochist. Admittedly, I’m a writer, so perhaps I’m both.

August 26, 2011

The Bridgewater Country Fair

A Photo Essay

As the nights begin to draw in, and the summer sun wanes, the New England staple of the Country Fair is a fond memory for many.

May 20, 2011

Not Just Whistlin’ Dixie…

Review: The Gunn Historical Museum’s Civil War Encampment

After growing up in the Deep South, just the mention of the Civil War conjures up childhood memories of battlefield sites, rebel flags, coeds in hoop skirts and fraternity boys in grey uniforms on the steps of an antebellum house.

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