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Emery Roth II
Harlequin Autumn
Old Paint
Back to the River - Headwaters
Exeunt Geese
Falls Village Farmstead
Sun through Fog and Big White Pines
Enchanting Seaside Cottage
Antique Bowers
Bog Hollow Melody
Source, Campbell's Falls, CT
Yesterday, Washington, CT
Blaise Pascal
Bass Harbor at Dusk
Among Beef
Sunset No 2, Washington, CT
Spring Rebounding, Washington, CT
Sunset Pastorale, Hiddenhurst, CT
On Moonlight Bay, Connecticut
Quintet, Connecticut
Top Cow, Undisclosed Location, CT

Emery Roth has been shooting photographs since he was a child.

He studied both design and literature at Carnegie-Mellon University earning a Bachelor of Architecture and a Masters in English. Since he retired from teaching after thirty years he spends much of his time hiking the fields and pastures of the Berkshire Hills in search of images that tell the many moods of the land. When he's not hiking in the hills he may be hiking the streets of New York City or old wharves along the Atlantic coast or anywhere. He hopes the best of his images speak with the immediacy of music.

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