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Darren Corson
Spring Sunset
Nature's Fury
Ice Fishing
Houston Brook Falls, Bingham, Maine
Icemen on Water
Frozen in Time
Sheila's Picture

Darren Corson was born and raised in Maine. He became interested in photography when his mother bought him a Minolta 35mm camera when he was in high school.

His interest waned when, without any training or guidance, his initial results were disappointing.   In 2008 with his interest piqued once more and the digital age in full swing, he bought a Nikon D40 which was significantly different, and more complex, from what he had used previously.

In January 2009 Corson met fellow photographer, Eric McKeown, who was considerably more experienced than Corson.   McKeown guided him as they went on shooting trips together and Corson attributes his growth as a photographer to his friend.

Corson’s main interests are shooting landscapes (waterfalls in particular) and wildlife (eagles).   Corson prints his images ‘as is’ and does not use Photoshop or other programs to enhance his images.   ‘I try to capture the scene as I see it.’ he says.

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