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Canoeing on The Connecticut River, Hanover, New Hampshire

Allison Biederman and her family enjoy a lazy Sunday after canoeing down the Connecticut River.

By Allison Flint | July 31, 2015
An Overnight... in North Conway

North Conway, New Hampshire

North Conway, NH is not just for ski bunnies and outdoor types. Though the scenic village located in the shadow of Mount Washington offers plenty of ways to enjoy nature and burn calories,...

By Rhiannon L. D’Angelo | October 26, 2012
Traveling on the Rail Trail

Enfield, New Hampshire

Discover how abandoned railway lines have been ingeniously used to create a “Rail Trail,” in New Hampshire.

By Allison Flint | September 24, 2012
The Sunken Forest of Rye

There’s a great cedar forest in Rye, New Hampshire, at least there was one. At extremely low tides, stumps of this once great forest can be found just northeast of Jenness Beach.

By Michael F. Bisceglia, Jr. | August 24, 2012
Lakes of the Clouds, Mount Washington, New Hampshire

What is the highest place in New England where you can enjoy a sit-down meal?

By Sam L. Rothman | May 16, 2012
An Overnight in... Portsmouth

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

New Hampshire’s biggest city often gets overlooked by New Englanders en route to destinations north and south.

By Rhiannon L. D’Angelo | May 04, 2012
The Governor’s House, Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Bed and Breakfast Review

Julie True Kingsley discovers the charms of Portsmouth, New Hampshire and in particular The Governor’s House Bed and Breakfast.

By Julie True Kingsley | March 23, 2012
Purity Spring Resort

East Madison, New Hampshire

Purity Spring Resort is a year round family resort that has been owned and operated by the same New England family for 100 years.

By Peter F. Demers | November 16, 2011
The Small New Hampshire Travel Company That Thinks Big

In search of an exciting winter vacation and environmentally conscious too? Look no further than SASS Global Travel.

By Jack Pollner | December 20, 2010
New Hampshire

The Granite State is home to Mount Washington – the highest peak in New England at 6,288ft above sea-level. The White Mountain National Forest links the Vermont and Maine portions of the Appalachian Trail, which is just one of New Hampshire’s national treasures.

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