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The Rocket Food Truck     BY: Carrie Vibert – All Rights Reserved
The Rise of the Gourmet Food Truck

By Matt Lamson | May 22, 2012

If you find yourself driving around Connecticut in search of a quick bite, you may need look no further than the vehicle next to you. Today, the state’s streets and parking lots are home to many gourmet food trucks

While the term “food truck” once invoked unappetizing thought of over-salted pretzels and breakfast sandwiches in warming-trays, the food trucks of today are a refreshing combination of the family restaurant and the specialty food store.

A Buckweat Crepe being Cooked on the Rocket Truck

Did I mention that the food is amazing?

Torrington, Connecticut is home to Rocket Fine Street Foods, a food truck whose menu is as out-of-this-world as its name.

The Rocket proved itself a smash at the Downtown Marketplace this past summer, and today they can be found parked at Oddo’s Print Shop, the local branch of the University of Connecticut, or just cruising around town looking for hungry customers.

As their website proudly boasts, the Rocket is “all about the joy that comes from kitchens. It’s about caring for our friends and neighbors, supporting the local economy and providing delicious food prepared thoughtfully, from scratch, with high quality ingredients.”

The Rocket’s menu is just as fresh as their ingredients, constantly changing to offer new and interesting flavors. However, there are a few favored dishes which are always on the menu, such as the Green Chile Cheeseburger ($7.50), the Grilled Cheese with Swiss Gruyere ($4.75), New England Cheddar and Mozzarella ($4.75), and of course their double-fried frites ($3.25 for a full order, $1.75 for a side order).

The simple formula of homemade delicacies and the convenience of takeout seems to be working, as the success of the Rocket Fine Street Foods continues to soar.

A Red Velvet Jones Cupcake From The Cupcake Truck

Got a sweet-tooth on the go? New Haven, Connecticut has just the thing for you; The Cupcake Truck. Born from an idea shared by “one compulsive baker and one dedicated cupcake eater,” The Cupcake Truck hit the streets of New Haven baring delicious baked goods made fresh daily with premium ingredients. Usually to be found around the Yale campus, The Cupcake Truck uses Twitter to update their location and menu.

Featuring familiar flavors such as Ultimate Vanilla and Red Velvet Jones, The Cupcake Truck also offers some original flavors like the Hummingbird ( flavored with bananas, pineapple, pecans and coconut) and Sweet Potato Pecan (with brandy-soaked raisins) proving to be a dessert connoisseurs dream. ($2 each).

So what’s next for these two food trucks? Rocket Fine Street Foods has branched out to include event catering. The Cupcake Truck is available to rent for events, and their treats can now also be purchased at their sister store, Toppings Cupcakes in Bridgeport, Connecticut (The Historic Arcade Mall, 1001 Main Street, Bridgeport CT 06604).

Given the success of these two, it’s easy to predict that we will see more food trucks on the streets of Connecticut in the near future. They are pioneers of what may very well be the next restaurant revolution, coming to a town near you.


Rocket Fine Street Foods

The Cupcake Truck

The main photograph used in this article is by and copyright Carrie Vibert and ONE would like to thank her for allowing us to use this wonderful photograph.

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