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Hiking New England

Get yourself a walking stick. Any old firm twig less branch that can fit nicely into the palm of your hand that touches the ground is perfect. Throw on some decent walking shoes (no, ladies, high heels won’t cut it), and you’re ready to take a walk. It doesn’t matter where you go in New England. Almost any place is a great for a hike.

By Michael F. Bisceglia, Jr. | July 23, 2010
Firefighting, A Maine Legacy

Julie True Kingsley explores her family’s history and service with Firefighting Departments in Maine.

By Julie True Kingsley | July 30, 2015
Breakfast at the Porthole

Restaurant Review - Portland, Maine

The Porthole is the crowning gem of the Portland waterfront, established in 1929, it has been feeding locals and tourists alike for almost a century.

By Julie True Kingsley | May 26, 2015
Fishing New England

I read someplace that the definition of a fisherman is “a jerk at one end of a line waiting for a jerk at the other.”

By Michael F. Bisceglia, Jr. | October 21, 2014
The Other Maine

Saint Agatha, Life from the Water

When the seasons change in Northern Maine, you notice it.

By Alex Seise | November 12, 2012
Maine Huts and Trails, Carrabassett Valley, Maine

Sara Clinehens discovers a rural retreat that has put comfort back into camping.

By Sara Clinehens | September 28, 2012
The Other Maine

Hot on the Trail

There's a distinct odd charm to living in a place where summer is so short that it is measured in weeks rather than months.

By Alex Seise | August 29, 2012
Sebago Lake, Maine

Maine's Deepest Pool and Home to Record-Breaking Fish

Don Perkins fulfills a long held ambition to build his own boat to sail on Sebago Lake.

By Don Perkins | August 17, 2012
Schooner Mary Day

A Vacation Aboard Ship, Camden, Maine

Living aboard a historic tall ship for several days gives a whole new meaning to being “unplugged.”

By Sheila Grant | July 30, 2012



The Pine Tree State with its rocky coastline, rolling mountains and heavily forested interior, is well known for its scenic beauty, and the hardiness and independence of its people. Maine is the number one exporter of blueberries, and is also known for shipbuilding and agriculture.

H's 高學勤 "Test" < Serie

Hier kommt der Untertitel rein, ja, 127 Zeichen koennen ganz schoen viel sein, denke ich, oder doch, wie denn sonst so was geht

In our first monthly column on the Naval Submarine Base New London, or SUBASE, ONE looks at the history and development of the world’s first submarine base. In our first monthly column on the Naval Su

By H. ‘高學勤’ < “Test” „Autor“ #"2' (\~/) | September 15, 2020
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