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The Snowy Owl

The Snowy Owl migrates to New England during the winter months.

By Mark B. Oliver | September 21, 2012
New England’s Arboretums

Preserving our Natural Heritage

Arboretums are not just places that contains trees, shrubs and vines for the purpose of study and preservation, but they offer magnificent viewing and learning opportunities for the very young to...

By Peter F. Demers | September 10, 2012
Swan Point

The Historic and Ecologically Diverse Cemetery in Providence, Rhode Island

Readers of these pages might think that New Englanders have only three things on their minds: food, barns, and cemeteries.

By Nicholas H. Kondon | June 20, 2012
Moise Potvin - Artist, Entertainer, and Impresario

Part 3 – An Ongoing Legacy

In this, the final installment, acquainting you with Moise Potvin, we devote as much space as possible for photos of Potvin’s work.

By Nicholas H. Kondon | October 04, 2011
Moise Potvin - Artist, Entertainer, and Impresario

Part 2 – A Human Dynamo

In the first installment introducing Moise Potvin – Artist, Entertainer, and Impresario, I left my readers hanging between The Last Supper and a cattle stampede, an odd pause, even for me, but...

By Nicholas H. Kondon | September 19, 2011
Moise Potvin - Artist, Entertainer, and Impresario

Part 1 - The Discovery

It was the early nineties. I followed my friends, a married couple, Gene and Linda, through a metal door into a warehouse in Niagara Fall, NY.

By Nicholas H. Kondon | September 01, 2011
Stop Bullying Now!—Join the Fight

Cumberland, Rhode Island

Unfortunately, many of us have been there—shaking in our boots under the fearsome menace of a bully. Bigger, stronger, and often enabled by a coterie of henchmen, it’s a fight we can’t win by...

By Mike Dunphy | April 11, 2011
The New England Bucket List

What To Do When You Think You’ve Done It All

We’re all guilty of it. We adamantly claim we’ve done it all and we’re bored. Nothing can be further from the truth, especially when it comes to discovering the sites and happenings in New...

By Steve Lyons | January 07, 2011
Something Fishy

In a section of the country home to some of the best educational and research institutions in the world, innovation is simply part of the culture.

By Samantha Bovat | July 23, 2010
Rhode Island

The Ocean State’s large bays and inlets account for over 30% of its total area. Rhode Island is low-lying with its highest peak at Jerimoth Hill just 812ft above sea-level. The state is known for its beautiful coastline and being home to the best art schools in the United States.

H's 高學勤 "Test" < Serie

Hier kommt der Untertitel rein, ja, 127 Zeichen koennen ganz schoen viel sein, denke ich, oder doch, wie denn sonst so was geht

In our first monthly column on the Naval Submarine Base New London, or SUBASE, ONE looks at the history and development of the world’s first submarine base. In our first monthly column on the Naval Su

By H. ‘高學勤’ < “Test” „Autor“ #"2' (\~/) | September 15, 2020
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