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Mark B. Oliver

Mark is an accomplished writer and editor across a wide range of disciplines.

He has written short stories, radio documentaries and edited the work of other writers all for the BBC.

Amongst the stories he has written are The Advent of Fear (Part 1 and Part 2), The Night After Hallowe'en, and Attack of the Snowmen, all for the immensely popular BBC drama Doctor Who.   He has co-written a Doctor Who mini-novella, Snowfall, which can be downloaded from the BBC for free in PDF format here.

Mark has also written comic strips with a weekly readership of nearly one million children (for the global franchises My Little Pony and Polly Pocket), and numerous articles - several of which are now used in Connecticut schools as a teaching aid.

Mark's first book was published by Telos Publishing Ltd - Blake’s 7: The Merchandise Guide (ISBN: 978-1-84583-059-5).

He is also a contributing writer to Outside In (ISBN: 978-0-9882210-0-0) which can be ordered from Alien Entertainment.


Litchfield, Connecticut
Shadowing Cloud
A Warm Summer Afternoon, Southbury, CT
A Butterfly Rests on an Asitlbe, Roxbury, CT
Orange Sky
Hollister House Garden, Washington Connecticut
Salmon Pools
Spring Landscape, Roxbury, CT
Daffodil Carpet, Cornwall, CT
Southbury, Connecticut
Daffoldil Bud, Providence, Rhode Island
Crocuses, Roxbury, Connecticut
Snowdrops, Bridgewater, CT
Light, Cornwall, Connecticut
Happy Thanksgiving
Aftermath, Roxbury, CT
All-Hallows'-Eve, New England
Playtime, New Preston, Connecticut
Mystic, Connecticut
Color at Last!
Geese Mating Season

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