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The Nature That Surrounds Us

The Monarch Butterfly

Monarch butterflies are often found close to people, being less skittish than other butterflies, enabling us to enjoy their vivid orange and black markings up close.

By Mark B. Oliver | August 25, 2011
The Nature That Surrounds Us

The Red Cardinal

The Red Cardinal is a popular bird amongst bird lovers young and old. The bright red plumage of the male makes it easy to identify, but humans are the reason we are seeing them at all in New England.

By Mark B. Oliver | August 09, 2011
More Technology?

OPINION - Are All Scientific ‘Advances’ a Good Thing?

Rhode Island is a tiny, crowded state where everyone knows everyone else. So, I am big on privacy and down on devices, apps, and features that solve problems that don’t exist.

By Nicholas H. Kondon | April 20, 2011
The Barred Owl

In the concluding article in our series on the different owls of New England, ONE investigates the Barred Owl.

By Mark B. Oliver | March 28, 2011
The Northern Saw-whet Owl

In our ongoing series on owls, ONE looks at the smallest owl that can be found in New England - the Northern Saw-whet Owl.

By Mark B. Oliver | March 09, 2011
The Barn Owl

In this installment in our continuing series on the owls of New England, ONE looks at Barn Owls which are found in the southern regions of New England.

By Mark B. Oliver | February 08, 2011
How Owls Are Shaping the Next Generation of Aircraft

In this second installment of our series on owls, ONE investigates how the silent flight of owls has piqued the interest of aircraft engineers.

By Mark B. Oliver | January 05, 2011
The Islands of New England

New Englanders takes great pride in the water of the region. Five of the six states border the Atlantic and the sixth, Vermont, borders Lake Champlain.

By Michael F. Bisceglia, Jr. | November 23, 2010
Rivers are Mighty; Man is Not

How the March 2010 Flooding of Wood River, Rhode Island Affected Human Behavior

The author, reflects on how in times on catastrophe we see the very best in ourselves.

By Nicholas H. Kondon | November 01, 2010
Rhode Island

The Ocean State’s large bays and inlets account for over 30% of its total area. Rhode Island is low-lying with its highest peak at Jerimoth Hill just 812ft above sea-level. The state is known for its beautiful coastline and being home to the best art schools in the United States.

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