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Halloween Stuffed Baked Pumpkin
Halloween Stuffed Baked Pumpkin


By Mark B. Oliver | October 25, 2010

Throughout Fall pumpkins and gourds can be seen throughout New England, adorning the front of homes and adding an autumnal twist to table decorations.

The Finished Result!

As Halloween approaches Jack-O’-Lanterns appear in ever increasing numbers but have you ever considered eating one?

Most of us reserve pumpkin for pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving, but this simple recipe is a real show-stopper at dinner parties and family gatherings.

This delicious vegetarian recipe is an ideal main course, that is hearty enough for the most ardent meat lovers.   It happily sits in the oven without spoiling should dinner be running late.

Consider combining it with rice and fresh vegetables for a colorful and healthy meal.

Preparation Time: 30 - 45 minutes

Cooking time: 1¼ - 1½ hours at 375ºF.



1 medium sized pumpkin

Vegetable or olive oil

1 leek (chopped)

1 fennel (chopped)

½lb mushrooms (quartered)

1 sprig of fresh tarragon (chopped)

2 teaspoons of dried mixed herbs

Soy sauce (½ tablespoon)

1 tablespoon of medium spiced mango chutney.


Cooking Instructions:

Preheat the oven to 375ºF.

Thoroughly wash the pumpkin, then carefully cut through the flesh of the pumpkin around the stalk - at least 7” across.   You now have a ‘lid’ for the pumpkin.   Set aside your lid but do not discard.

The Finished Result!

Hollow out the pumpkin, removing the seeds and the string like strands; rinse the interior and the lid.   If you are feeling adventurous carve a face on the pumpkin making sure you do not cut through the flesh, just the skin of the pumpkin.

Take a large pan and heat some oil in the bottom on a medium heat. Add the chopped leek and fennel, cover and sweat them until they are soft.   Add the mushrooms and cover to retain the moisture.

Combine the mango chutney, tarragon, mixed herbs, and soy sauce before adding to the vegetable mix.   Stir gently.

When the mushrooms are cooked, add sufficient breadcrumbs to make a soft, slightly sticky stuffing.   Remove from heat.

Place the pumpkin on a slightly greased tray (spray PAM is ideal for this) and fill the pumpkin with the stuffing, being careful not to burn yourself with the still hot stuffing.   Take the pumpkin lid and return it to the top of the pumpkin sealing in the filling.

Cook for approximately 1½ hours until the pumpkin flesh is soft.   Once cooked the pumpkin can be kept warm in the oven at a lower temperature (around 200ºF) until ready to be served.

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