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Just One Attraction at the Store
Party Favors Halloween Store

Boston, Massachusetts

By Mark B. Oliver | October 26, 2010

As All Hallows Eve approaches once more, and ghostly ghouls come out to party for the night, consider a visit to the Party Favors Halloween Superstore for frights, fun and that oh-so-essential costume.

A Hanging Skeleton

John and MaryLynn Pergantis opened Party Favors (1356 Beacon Street, Brookline, MA 02446) over eighteen years ago and it wasn’t an instant hit.

“On our first day we took just $45,” John explains wryly, “and I could hear my wife crying in the bathroom.”

Soon however their winning combination of offering a one-stop-shop for every occasion from invites, to cupcakes and wedding cakes (John is a trained pastry chef) led the store to success and nearly twenty years later they are still going strong.

What led them to open a Halloween superstore this year?

“About twelve years ago, we introduced a few items into Party Favors, some costumes, make-up and accessories, that kind of thing and we expanded the range the following year.   Then we went to a Halloween Trade Show - it was unbelievable.   The array of merchandise on offer was great and, being honest, it appealed to the Peter Pan inside me.”

John and MaryLynn expanded their Halloween offerings greatly, but the limited space in their existing store, meant that it could become congested in the run up to October 31, and they didn’t have room to make it “an experience” rather than a simple shopping exercise.

The Driver Looks Worse for Wear

“So this year, we decided to open a dedicated store purely for Halloween.” The store is vast - clocking in at an astonishing 16,000 square feet.

“The store is laid out like an attraction complete with graveyard, living room with fireplace where you can try on masks and other set pieces, we really have pulled out all the stops.”

There are tarot card readers, fortunetellers, performance artists, make-up demonstrations and much more.   One of the highlights for those with a sweet tooth, will undoubtedly be the Creepy Cupcake Bar where individual cupcakes can be decorate with everything from chocolate eyeballs to gummy worms ($2 per cupcake).

Friday October 29, is “Monster Mash Night” where cupcakes, marshmallows and apple cider will flow aplenty.

For a fun night out before Halloween, check out the Party Favors Halloween Superstore, it’s an experience not to be missed.


Party Favors Halloween Store, 1048 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215

(617) 232-5153

Party Favors Halloween Store Website

Opening Hours for Halloween Week (October 25 - October 31):

Mon & Tue: 11AM - 8PM

Wed & Thu: 10AM - 9PM

Fri & Sat: 10AM - 10PM

Sun: 10AM - 8PM

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