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Painting by Narrative

Carol Scavotto a Rhode Island Artist

By Brian Scott-Smith | February 20, 2012

The Forest
Blue Flowers
The Trumpeter
The Bridesmaids
Nap Time

“Art is a visual vehicle allowing me to share my unique emotional viewpoint of the world. Coming from an extremely creative family I learned at a very early age to express my thoughts and emotions in a visual manner.”

“Over the years I have worked in several different mediums, but the message has remained the same. My goal as an Artist is to envelop you in the emotionality of my work. Hopefully my lyrical style moves you.”


The above is a direct quote from Carol Scavotto’s website and her artist statement, and it explains beautifully and simply what Scavotto and her art is all about.

She’s a Massachusetts’s native, now living and working in Rhode Island, and her larger than life art is bringing color to the nation’s smallest state.

She’s owned businesses and created art in many forms, from jewelry to floor clothes and has settled on painting as her medium of expression.

But in these times of economic recession, just how easy is it to make a living from art?

“Well I have to say it’s rather difficult to be earning your living as an artist, especially an artist that’s a little bit unique. I think those that are doing things a little more mainstream in New England are probably having a little bit of a better time right now, but it’s a hard sell for all of us.”

Scavotto’s art is certainly different and in your face, but in a nice way. Her floral works show off sections of flowers, bringing it to a ‘macro’ view to tell its story.

Weekday Afternoon

And her hands collection is both comical and thought provoking giving the viewer a sense of wonder, but also starting an internal dialogue within them as they question and recognize the state of being each picture elicits.

“Body parts, if exaggerated, can tell a story all by itself.   Hands can be as expressive as words, so right now I’m just fascinated with them.”

Art of course is created to be seen and apart from viewing it on Scavotto’s website you can see it for real too, most notably the Cabot House Gallery in West Warwick, Rhode Island. The venue is a high end furniture store that has welcomed and embraced local artists through Scavotto’s tireless work.

“I was an interior decorator at Cabot House and had an appreciation for fine furniture and that’s how I wound up there. After a brief illness I returned, having started my painting, and asked if I could hang my art there and they said sure.

“That was about two years ago with just my work, but to make a couple of year story short, within six months I was instrumental in a grand opening and we had three artists, then six and then they renovated part of the store and turned an entire section into the gallery and now we have up to ten artists there.”

Her enthusiasm for her art and her ability to convince others to show it and promote local artists is infectious.


Even her commissioned work comes with a unique twist, she sits with her clients, where the art will be hung, to explore color, texture and feeling and be given a free hand to create something unique for the space.

Now in her late fifties, Scavotto and her husband, who have been married for forty-two years, certainly have established themselves in Rhode Island and Scavotto is among the local artist elite being a member of the highly respected Providence Art Club.

“This is the third year of the painting business and it’s the year I’d like it to turn on the commercial end to financial profit as opposed to me feeding it” she explains, “And I’d like to expand my horizon’s towards New York as well.”

With such passion and talent Scavotto is the epitome of a true artist.



Cabot House Gallery

555 Quaker Lane, West Warwick, RI 02893

(401) 828-6002

Hope Gallery

435 Hope Street, Bristol, RI 02809

(401) 396-9117

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