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Hamilton Brower and Annette Parker Martin
A Book To Live Your Life By

Two Connecticut Writers Launch Their First Book Aimed at Helping Teenagers

By Brian Scott-Smith | March 09, 2012

We live in a harsh world sometimes. And with the abundance of media and news outlets, it seems there’s little to life but negative stories.

Magnificent Words To Live By

But two Connecticut writers spurred on by their own personal stories, have self-published their first book aimed at helping young people who might suffer bullying or confidence issues.

Magnificent Words To Live By is the brain child of ex ad man, now turned entrepreneur, Hamilton Brower and professional copy editor and full time mom Annette Parker Martin.

It’s a colorful book that takes everyday words and teams them up with an inspiring poem and a piece of stunning photography for the reader to think about.

I caught up with Brower and Parker Martin recently at a book signing in New Milford, Connecticut to find out more about what inspired them to write such a book.

For Brower it was a very personal and special reason, “My six year old nephew was killed by a car back in 2001. He truly embodied all that this book is about; the character traits, the self -awareness and self-confidence. He was a remarkable little guy. So I really wanted to write this as a tribute to his spirit and spark of life. He deserved that.”

“We wanted something to encourage people,” adds Parker Martin, “So we wanted to right good words on good behavior without being preachy and I think we did that.”


The book certainly is a feast for the eyes and ears, with stunning photography from the two authors taken from a myriad of pictures both have taken over a period of years.

Teamed with engaging and eloquent poetry the book, although aimed at young people, is for adults as well.

And the two authors hope that by raising young people’s self-esteem they’re less likely to go and bully someone.   The book has taken some time to come to fruition, but there was good reason for that.

“It took us about three years from start to finish,” says Brower, “but we weren’t working on the book all that time. We would take a few of the letters and a few of the poems and write our own definitions and pass them back and forth and that took several months.

“Then we looked at the photographs and that took some time as we were using our own photography and wanted to make sure the images were striking enough for kids.”

The images truly are unique and remind you of those aspirational posters you see in the offices of creative agencies or maybe a therapy center or spa.


They make you ask, why did they chose that photograph to go with that word? But that’s the essence of this book, to make you ‘think’ to ponder and to make informed decisions.

It also gets kids away from their computers and video games and allows parents to sit down with their children and spend some quality time together, reading and exploring.

And part of the book’s cover price is going to a local Summer Camp in Connecticut called the Pratt Nature Center, an outdoor fun and discovery adventure for children aged four years old and up.

The process of putting the book together, dealing with the challenges of the publishing process and finally seeing the book come to life is a true testament not only of the authors’ perseverance but that they’re living proof of their writing and beliefs.

It’s clever, funny, thought provoking and relevant to today’s society, and the author’s promise more books in the future to help guide and inspire all of us.


Magnificent Words To Live By: $21.99 (paperback)

ISBN: 978-1-4653-9991-5


The book is available from the website or you can order it at your local book store.

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