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Elias Boudinot and Harriet Gold

Part 2 - The Aftermath

With Elias in Georgia, and Harriet in Cornwall, Connecticut, the couple’s path to happiness seemed thwarted by many of Christian faith who felt that Harriet’s intentions were worse “than they ever knew among the heathen.”

By Mark B. Oliver | August 31, 2011
Elias Boudinot and Harriet Gold

Part 1 - The Scandal that Rocked Cornwall, CT

In 1803, a young boy, Killekeenah Oowaite was born into the Cherokee tribe in Georgia. Two years later, in June 1805, Eleanor Gold, gave birth to her daughter Harriet in Cornwall, Connecticut. ...

By Mark B. Oliver | August 23, 2011
Caroline Ferriday: A Heroine and Champion for the Victims of WWII

Bethlehem, Connecticut

Caroline Woolsey Ferriday was born in 1902 into a wealthy family with prestige and power. She disliked the term ‘heiress’ thinking it was synonymous with pleasure, and instead became a champion...

By Mark B. Oliver | August 15, 2011
Joseph Bellamy: An Early Religious Leader

Bethlehem, Connecticut

Reverend Joseph Bellamy was born in 1719 in Cheshire, Connecticut. He was to go on to become a leading preacher, author, and educator in New England in the second half of the eighteenth century.

By Mark B. Oliver | August 05, 2011
How the White Oak Became Connecticut’s State Tree

Earlier this month the United States celebrated 235 years of independence. Along the path to self-rule, occurred an incident that eventually led to Connecticut adopting the White Oak as the state...

By Mark B. Oliver | July 28, 2011
Not Just Whistlin’ Dixie…

Review: The Gunn Historical Museum’s Civil War Encampment

After growing up in the Deep South, just the mention of the Civil War conjures up childhood memories of battlefield sites, rebel flags, coeds in hoop skirts and fraternity boys in grey uniforms on...

By John Bateman | May 20, 2011
Connecticut’s Roots

A Billion Years of History

Have you ever wondered what was beneath your feet? Here in Connecticut, it is the remnants of the Age of Dinosaurs - dinosaur footprints that mirror our own.

By Gina C. Gould | January 17, 2011
Sgt. Stubby

New England’s Most Decorated Canine War Hero

Sam L. Rothman investigates the extraordinary story of a heroic dog during WWI.

By Sam L. Rothman | January 07, 2011
Henry Breault: No Ordinary Man

The First Submariner Awarded the Medal of Honor

Henry Breault was a Navy sailor who received the Medal of Honor for his actions while serving aboard the US Submarine O-5.

By Mark B. Oliver | December 30, 2010



The Constitution State with its unique geography and close proximity to New York City, is a state of startling contrasts from wealthy suburban enclaves, to rural towns situated in rustic hills. Long picturesque seacoasts, stunning lakes and striking rivers are also abundant.

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